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Free AVI to MPG Converter is a video converter with an easy to use interface. It accepts all AVI files and converts them to MPG file format. MPG format is a standard format which is supported by almost all video and DVD players. Some players are unable to play AVI files or have only limited functionality in playing all AVI files but the MPG is supported by all players because all DVD players use this format for playing files. The application user interface is very simple; you specify the output folder and import files to be converted and you are ready to go. A preview windows is ready to show you the contents of videos with the ability of Play, Stop and Mute the file. You can select a folder and load its files or you can select separate files from your hard drive from different places. Also, you can remove single files from conversion list or you can remove a folder and all its contents. The conversion process takes place with several conversion tasks. So it is a good choice for converting multiple files at once. There is a checkbox next to every file which enables you to select which file you want to convert. There are no editable settings and this is very good because most people donít know what they do with different settings; application uses the input settings and converts videos based on source files. For example if the input video is 1280x720 then the converted file will be 1280x720 too. Some of key features of Free AVI to MPG Converter are: - Conversion of AVI videos to MPG format - Simple and easy to use user interface with no editable settings - Multiple conversion jobs can be done simultaneously.