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The WMV (Windows Media Video) to MP3 Converter is software that is designed to extract audio bits from the former format effectively. Any files with .wmv extension can be converted into the more popular MP3 format that is recognised worldwide. The software is free of cost and can be downloaded very fast. It enables the user to convert several files simultaneously. This is irrespective of the source formats. Examples of these include AVI, MPG, WMA, etc. The users can also make use of a number of options which will make the audio bits better. With a user - friendly interface, the free WMV to MP3 software helps in the conversion of unprotected video files without hampering the user’s device in the least. So, users can make the most of the audio extracts in their favourite video files available in the Windows media for free. Even without being connected to the internet, the user can do this at any place and time. The quality of the audio extracts is not lost during the conversion and hence, this is a beneficial feature. The software in the WMV to MP3 Converter also enables multi – threading which saves a lot of time for the user. There are no holdbacks to this software and it is malware free. The free WMV to MP3 Converter also reduces the space required in the hard disk to store such files in the user’s device. After the download and the installation, the .wmv files that need conversion have to be selected by the user. Using the ‘+’ sign, several files can be converted at the same time. The user then needs to select the ‘Change Output Folder’ option for storing the files. The free WMV to MP3 converter takes just a few seconds to accomplish the task.